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Lets Talk About Babies Walking

In this blog we are going to talk about all stages of your baby walking.  Tips to do before,  while they are learning and once they have mastered walking.

You’ll will see various signs that your little one wants to start walking, usually between 10 – 18 months of age.

Signs they want to walk

  • Standing without assistance

  • Pulling themselves up to a standing position

  • Once they have pulled themselves up, they may often want to ‘cruise’ by holding onto sturdy objects like furniture and walls, to help them move around whilst keeping on their feet.

  • They will start to be more adventurous with a growth in confidence. They will want to get around more, which can be a worry for some parents, but if they are in a safe environment let them use their new abilities.

  • Your now on the home straight if they get to their feet, and show they want assistance from you to help them take their first few steps.


How to encourage them

Babies are so different in the stages in which they develop, but here are a few ways to help them progress to that next stage.

  • Use their favorite toys to encourage them to move, so it’s just out of reach.

  • They will be using new muscles, so it’s good to give them extra floor time to exercise these muscles.

  • Give them lots of praise, this will give them confidence.

  • Offer your hands to help them, or a push along walker if you have one.

  • Carpet is a more ideal materials to walk on as it gives them more grip than a slippery tiled floor.


Make everything baby proof

Your baby is now on a massive adventure and are very inquisitive. They want to taste and feel everything.  They will want to explore these new parts of the house they couldn’t do before.  It’s easier to prepare your house before they are at this stage.

  • Put all chemicals out of sight and reach.

  • Child locks on all cupboards they shouldn’t be opening for their safety is an absolute must.

  • Put corner protectors on all furniture that may cause an injury.

  • If your property has stairs and you haven’t already got them in place, stair gates are an absolute must.

  • Your little one now has a higher reach.  Make sure all these new areas are clean

  • If you have buttons on appliances that they can now reach, like a boiler, you may want to consider a cover.

  • Once all this is done, crawl around at what would be their level and see if there are any dangers and make these safe.


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