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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different togs I can buy?

We sell sleep bags with 1.5 and 2.5 tog rating.  A 2.5 tog BugBag is ideal for the Spring, Autumn and Winter months, when your child’s room temperatures is likely to be between 16-20°C.  A 1.5 tog BugBag is better for the warmer nights when room temperatures are between 20-24°C.  Our size and tog guide provides more information choosing the right size, tog and sleepwear for your baby.

Why do your sleep bags have sleeves?

Our BugBags can be used in the high chair, buggy and baby carrier, as well as for sleeping.  For this reason we wanted to give parents the choice to pop sleeves on if they are out and about, or take them off to put their baby to bed.  
Your child’s room temperature should always be taken into account when choosing your child’s sleepwear.  We suggest the arms are removed for sleeping, a long sleeved vest under your child’s BugBag, may be appropriate depending on the temperature of the room.  Our size and tog guide can give you further guidance on this.

Are the sleeves detachable?

Yes, all our bags have easily detachable sleeves. This is to keep your baby warm and snug if you are using the BugBag outside.

Are baby sleep bags safe?

Yes, baby sleep bags are potentially one of the safest forms of bedding for your baby, providing they are correctly fitted by age, weight and the correct tog.

How do you separate the legs of a BugBag

All BugBags have a double zip system allowing you to zip the bag together like a standard sleep bag, or to separate the legs for use in a high chair, buggy, or baby carrier.   As parents ourselves, we always wanted to pop our baby into his high chair in the morning before he was dressed.  None of the sleep bags we had allowed for this, which is why we added the double zip system to our design.

Are sleep bags easy to clean and dry?

Yes, due to our high quality fabric and polyester filling our bags dry quickly and can be machine washed. We recommend that our bags are zipped up and turned inside out for washing.  It may be helpful to have at least 2 BugBags, so that one can be worn while the other is in the wash.

What should my baby’s room temperature be?

The Lullaby Trust recommends that the ideal room temperature for your baby is between 16°C and 20°C.  This is the perfect temperature that our 2.5 tog bags should be used.

What is the best sleeping position for my baby?

Your baby should always be placed on their back to sleep.  As mentioned by the Lullaby Trust, substantial evidence from around the world shows that putting your baby to sleep on their back at the beginning of every sleep or nap, significantly reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome(SIDS).  More information on that can be found here.

How can I help to cool my baby down for sleeping?

We appreciate it can be difficult to keep your child’s room between the ideal temperatures in the warmer months.  A few suggestions that might help to cool your baby down are:

  • Use cotton bottom sheets rather than nylon. Light breathable cotton fabrics have natural fibres to let the skin breathe.

  • Open a bedroom window if it’s safe to do so.

  • You may want to use a fan to cool the room, but don’t aim it directly on your baby.

  • Close all blinds and curtains when the sun is out.

  • Ensure your baby has had sufficient fluids before going to bed.

Why are sleep bags better than a blanket or other bedding?

  • Your baby won’t be able to kick their BugBag off, unlike covers and blankets.

  • They help to keep baby at a safe and comfortable temperature all night long.

  • Your baby is able to move around their cot whilst still staying warm and cosy, meaning you have a better night’s sleep, as you don’t have to keep getting up to tuck them in.

  • They cannot be pulled over their head unlike covers or bedding, so it’s safer for your baby.

  • If your baby has used a sleep bag from a young age, it’s a great part of their bedtime routine. Helping them understand when its bedtime, even when they are not at home.

How do I know if my baby is cold or hot at night?

Cold hands and feet are not a good indication of a baby’s true body temperature.  The easiest way to tell if your child is too hot or cold is by feeling the back of the neck, to see if it is sweaty or cold to the touch. When children are too warm, they may have red cheeks and possibly look like they are sweating.

Remember that new babies are not able to regulate their body temperature by sweating or shivering.  Monitor your child’s room temperature and alter their clothing accordingly to keep your baby at a safe and comfortable temperature.  Click here for more guidance.

When should my baby stop using her BugBag?

Bugbag baby sleep bags can be used right up to the time your child is ready to move from a cot to a bed.  Climbing out of the cot is not easy in a sleep bag, even with our separate leg design.  So this is usually the point at which we suggest your child stops using their BugBag for sleeping.  All children are different so you should use your own judgement. However, we find most children stop using sleep bags when they are between 2.5 years to 3 years old. For this reason, we only offer our sleep bags up until 36 months.

When will my baby know the difference between day and night?

Babies usually start to learn the difference between day and night at about 2/3 months old.  You can help your baby’s biological clock distinguish between day and night with things like mealtimes, noise levels and light and darkness.

What should my baby wear under a sleep bag?

This depends on your child’s room temperature.  For colder nights a baby grow or a long sleeve vest might be needed with a 2.5 tog bag.  For warmer nights a short sleeved vest with a 1.5 tog bag may be more appropriate.  Our size and tog guide can give you more information on choosing the right sleepwear for your baby.

How do I get my baby to sleep better at night?

This is the million dollar question and something parents have been asking themselves for generations.  A good bedtime routine, a dark room kept at a comfortable temperature and the right sleepwear can all help.  Some parents say white noise is key, while others found sleep training helped. We would love to hear your suggestions on this one, so that we can provide a huge list of things for tired parents to try.

Can I use other bedding with a baby sleep bag?

No, health professional guidelines do not recommend this.  A 2.5 tog sleep bag may not seem very thick compared to an adult duvet, but the BugBag is surrounding your baby, providing insulation from below and above.  You can always add or remove layers under the sleep bag, for example a long sleeve vest.  Our size and tog guide can help you choose which tog bag is best for your baby and what other sleepwear may be needed.

Where can I get parenting help and advice?

Here are a few online resources that are full of helpful information and support for parents. 




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