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Why You Should Buy A Sleeping Bag For Your Baby & Innovative Designs

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

The importance of sleeping well at night

We are passionate about sleep because whether you are an adult or a baby, sleep is one of the most impactful elements of our lives. It’s one of the most underestimated tools for good physical and mental health. Babies require more sleep than adults. In fact, the older you grow the less sleep you will need. And as all parents know, it is a magical moment when your baby is sleeping soundly and you can have 5 minutes to yourself!

Why sleep hygiene is important

Sleep hygiene refers to the habits one forms around sleep. But how can we create a better quality of sleep? Forming a routine around bedtime can be very beneficial, along with, meditation, having a healthy diet, and optimising your sleep environment, all help to create a better quality of sleep. Setting up healthy habits and a routine around sleep is a necessity in our busy lives.

Today we are not going to be talking about adult sleep, but rather about children, infants, and toddlers. When it comes to children and infants, sleep plays a vital role in their cognitive development. The majority of their brain development happens during sleep; all of those daytime naps help them to process and remember what they have learned during the day.

What can you do to help your baby sleep better?

Once of the most important parts of forming good sleep habits, is creating a safe sleeping environment. A quiet, dark room at a slightly cool temperature is advisable. Our baby sleeping bags can help to keep your baby at a comfortable temperature, avoiding the need for blankets.

Keep naptimes and bedtime the same every day. A calming bedtime routine that is consistent and predictable can be very beneficial.

Taking a look at sleeping bags

Sleeping bags have always been in use in one form or another. There are various benefits to sleeping bags that are making them more popular today. As your little one twists and turns in the night, a baby sleeping bag ensures your baby won't get tangled up in sheets and their head will remain safely uncovered. Baby sleep bags become a great part of the bedtime routine, giving your baby a secure and familiar feeling, and helping them to understand when it’s time for bed, even if you are away from home.

Let us explore some basic sleeping bags and some innovative new designs.

Standard sleeping bags

Sleeping bags for babies have become an essential newborn item, and are commonly used right through the toddler years. The most common type you will find is the round sleep sack. They often come without sleeves and are intended only to be used for sleeping, once they wake they will have to be removed. This is because the bottom rounded part of the sleep sack can hamper their moments when crawling or walking.

What’s new and innovative?

Humankind is always looking for improvements, always looking toward something better. This reach has also led to innovations in baby sleeping bags.

  • A new baby sleep bag with legs. A clever design where the legs can either be zipped together and used like any other sleeping bag. Or once the baby is awake the legs can be zipped apart to make nice little legs.

  • This makes it easy to place the toddler in the high chair, buggy, or baby carrier, for use in your day-to-day life, as well as for sleeping. It also allows them to move more freely when trying to crawl or walk.

  • Another to highlight is sleeping bags with arms. With this design the sleeves are detachable, giving parents the choice of keeping babies' arms cosy and warm or having a sleeveless bag for when it’s warmer.

These two together create a convenient and multi-purpose sleeping bag for your baby.

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